Microsoft added continuum support for Snapdragon 617 processor just a month back. Now there are a number of  mid ranged Continuum enabled Windows 10 Mobile smartphone with the Snapdragon 617 processor about to be launched soon. Continuum-based smart phone must have a display with at least a 2GB of RAM, 720p resolution and 16GB of internal storage.

Acer has a handset waiting for the launch of a similar mid ranged phone with a price of around 300 Euro according to German site Dr Windows. Acer will launch it only if there is  demand from carriers and other enterprise customers for businesses.

Continuum for phones is slowly reaching towards its goal of productivity for businesses. In the words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: “This is the beginning of how we are going to change what the form and function of a phone is.”

Source: DrWindows