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For some time we were hearing rumors about project Centennial, a bridge that allows to port Win32 apps into Windows Store in order to allow to install them simply with the one click. Now it looks like Microsoft is testing a new version of Microsoft Office ported into Windows Store using this method.

Today a well known Twitter user @h0x0d discovered that tech giant is already testing the new version of Office. The app titled Centennial Office Test 1 can be found in Windows Store and you can download it as any other app. The size of the app is about 960 MB which is a lot smaller than typical Office installation. It is worth noting that although app downloads and installs successfully, sadly for us it doesn’t work just yet. Other users aren’t even able to download it, so it is clear that Microsoft has to do a lot of work before releasing it to the public.

Anyway, if you’re are interested in trying this Office version by yourself, feel free to grab this app using the link below. We will keep our eyes on this project and report about progress of it.

Download Centennial Office Test1 from Windows Store

Source: @h0x0d