A Microsoft office.

Yesterday Microsoft UK announced that it is rolling out a new test programme with a focus to employ people who have Autism or Aspergers  for full time employment in the UK.

To start with Microsoft announced it would be appointing 10 roles.

Microsoft wrote on a blog post:’The UK programme will be modelled on the program that has been piloted in Microsoft head office in Redmond. Since last summer, Microsoft has hired 11 new employees who have autism in the United States. In the program, participants experience a unique interview process, where the ‘interview’ is structured as a multi-week academy to help put job candidates at ease and allow them to more fully demonstrate their skills’

They also noted on the blog post that the programme would help them understand how to develop to make things great for over 1 billion + people who have disabilities.

As an autistic technology fan myself it’s fantastic to see Microsoft being inclusive and giving autistic people and people with disabilities a great opportunity

Those who want to join the programme can email their CV to [email protected] 

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