Siegefall is one of the popular game from Gameloft. Today the developers pushed a new update to this game in Windows Phone with number of new features:

    • Live PvP: Attack or Defend LIVE against other players from around the world in our brand-new game mode!
    • Build your own Vanguard Base– exclusive for live duels!
    • 10 BRAND-NEW Defensive Cards! Used in Vanguard Mode, these cards can evoke the poisonous Wyvern, entangle enemies in a Root Cage, and set approaching troops ablaze with a Lava Cascade.
    • Bring Shenlong into battle as the FIRST WIND SPIRIT! Slithering through the air, he accompanies Heroes by unleashing tornadoes upon enemy armies and buildings.
    • As a Kingdom defender in the Spirit Shrine, he sends forth a gust of wind that damages attacking troops while knocking them back.
    • NEW BUILDING! Build a VAULT and safeguard even more of your resources!
    • Queen Nor has a NEW Skin! Sexy black & gold – unlocked at VIP level 8.

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