Microsoft puts their most of the time in developing interesting apps for Android and iOS devices, neglecting their own Windows Phone OS.

Today, the tech giant released yet another update to OneNote for iOS running devices. The updated edition includes new features and some improvements, you can read the changelog below:

  • Notification Center – Don’t call us, we’ll call you: we’ve added notifications to let you know if something interesting happened while you were away.
  • Search all OneDrive Notebooks – We spiffed up Search over the holidays and added some new tricks! Now: search all of your OneDrive notebooks, even if they’re not on your device; zippier results – so zippy you can search for things you’re already reading and *almost* find them quicker; and, as  before, see glimpses of notes you haven’t written yet. Wait. Not that last one. But the rest!
  • Font Default Swaps: You asked, we answered: changing the default font is now possible.
  • Swipe Left: Latest notification just not your type? Swipe left to banish it from your Notification Center.

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