Excel for windows 10 has now some smarter and easy feature to easily view the document on the small screen devices too. Now excel has ‘Handier Zoom’ and ‘Funnel Chart’ feature too.


Funnel charts are a type of chart, often used to represent stages in a sales process and show the amount of potential revenue for each stage. This type of chart can also be useful in identifying potential problem areas in an organization’s sales processes. A funnel chart is similar to a stacked percent bar chart. You can read more at wikipedia.

According to the official chnagelog,

  • More functions.
    • Avoid those nested if functions. The new switch and NIFS functions or the new text functions concat and text join will shorten the formulas you write.
  • Handier zoom
    • On a small screen print in Juneau works better than ever leave Ilju in so you can see what you are working on.
  • Final charts
    • Show off your data with the new funnel chart type.

We will play with the application and see how it is working now.

You can download the application from below,

Windows Phone Badge