Microsoft has just announced that they have acquired Xamarin, a leading provider of mobile app development. Xamarin is a vast provider for app development with 15K customers and 1.3 million developers are using their technology. I think this is a welcome move from the side of Microsoft. Personally i think Microsoft wants a developer to make a single app regardless of any OS and platform.

Alongside with Visual studio Xamarin offers a rich mobile development on all platforms including Windows, Android, iOS. Apart from their platform, through Xamarin Test Cloud, all types of mobile developers—C#, Objective-C, Java and hybrid app builders —can also test and improve the quality of apps using thousands of cloud-hosted phones and devices.

Now with this acquisition of Xamarin, Microsoft is trying to bring its Universal Apps to Android and iOS. Now the developers will be able to code for iOS and Android using familiar tools for presumably a much lower price (currently between $1000 and $2000 per year) but also good news for Windows 10 users on Mobile and desktop, as apps would naturally easily flow to Microsoft’s own platforms also. This move would allow developers to write an app once and truly see it executed on all the major platforms.

Developers who were previously reticent about using a small vendor such as Xamarin will now be reassured by Microsoft’s steady presence, which should mean much increased uptake of the technology. The move is part of Microsoft’s strategy of Embrace and Extend, where they attempt to colonize Apple and Google’s platforms, which would eventually mean users will be able to use Microsoft’s services on any platform, and Microsoft’s developers will be able to reach the same customers on whatever platform they are on and will hopefully prevent the alternative, which is ever fading relevance of Microsoft’s desktop empire.

So developers be ready to develop a single app for any OS..