The iconic Nokia is no longer far from making its name again on the smartphones that it has ruled for decades. Nokia on an agreement with selling its mobile hardware business to Microsoft can’t use its name on smartphones until 31st Dec 2015. Now that time is already passed, so Nokia is free to use its name back on any phones it wants to.


The Mobile World Congress is already ongoing and Barcelona. All the tech enthusiast were hoping for some shocking news that Nokia might launch its next Android phones after launching the Nokia N1 Android tablet. But now it’s clear that we will not see this very soon at least in  MWC 2016. We reported earlier about the confirmed plan of the Nokia to return to smartphones business. We have some new details to share with our readers.


Nokia CEO on day one events in MWC 2016 gave some of their plans on how Nokia is planning to launch its new smartphone.  According to techcrunch reports, their spoke person had a conversation with Nokia CEO Rajiv Suri, on details of Nokia’s plans for the smartphone. According to the reports of TechCrunch interview, when it was asked

[TechCrunch]:  How its search for a suitable partner to create Nokia-branded smartphones is going, and when we might expect to see the Nokia brand back on handsets

[Nokia]: There’s no specific timeframe. We don’t need to be in a rush. We will explore this with the right partner or partners, depending on the case.

[Nokia]: We think it’s a good business model because the Nokia brand has great retention – the recognition of the brand is still very high in all the major markets. We also think that if there will be a product with the Nokia brand on it there’s an opportunity for premium on that product – clear price premium.

[Nokia]: For us the business model is one of no traditional manufacturing, no channel or nothing we are just basically licensing our brand, the partner will have to pay us an IP license for it and royalty on the brand use, and we want to be in a position to design the devices in question with appropriate control measures should the partner not work to our standard.

The above statements from Nokia CEO clearly confirm few points,

  • There is a confirmed plan from the company to make a come back to phones.
  • Nokia is taking it very seriously to make very revolutionary and premium product.
  • As mentioned by the company, “any future Nokia-branded handsets will be going head-to-head with Apple’s iPhone and Android flagships from the likes of Samsung”, which means Nokia will clearly make many handsets to cover from low end to premium class.
  • It will be Android based and may include windows too, as Nokia has already launched Nokia N1 android based tablet.


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