Windows (Phone/Desktop) if you don’t like it, no need to think of reason – apps, apps, apps… There are a lot of app gap if you compare it with other platforms. But if you like it either you will live with it and wait to see if Microsoft brings you another app. Just going through the app listing, I found that there are 89 apps in the windows store.

2016-02-20 (27)

If you go through the app listing, you will found there are around 89 apps in the Windows store (number may vary a bit too). To surprise, you will see an app named “Windows DVD Player” that┬ácosts near to $14 USD ($13.80). Its hard to believe that too. We went to explore further and found that there is only two reviews till now and that too around 6-month-olds.

2016-02-20 (26)

We were just thinking even if it was a mistake then too even Microsoft has to make it free now.

If we see the details of the app then according to the description,

“Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 makes it easy to watch your favorite DVDs. Watch both commercial and homemade discs in the DVD-Video format. This app requires a DVD-capable optical drive.

Also, there is well written note too,

“Note: customers upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium or Windows 8.1 with Media Center will get this app for free for a limited time as an automatic Windows Update.”

It says for a limited time ???? We still need to check whether we really got that feature in windows 10 or not.

In case you wish to spend $14, here is the link below,

Windows Phone Badge

Do let us know what you think of that..