The United Kingdom has been agearly awaiting the launch of the Microsoft Surface Book in the UK and finally after a long wait that has come. The Microsoft Lumia 650, a midrange Lumia handset that was announced officialy by Microsoft on Microsoft is also available from today in the UK. You can buy them in the UK from the Microsoft Store
Unfortunately the Surface Book will set you back £1299 for the base model in the UK whist you can grab the Lumia 650 for £159.99 and it is available in both black and white.
This is a fantastic time for both the Surface Book and the Lumia 650 to launch in the UK since there have been lots of bug fixing updates made available to the Surface Book recently and the Lumia 650 should now be able to get build 10586.107 as the build is now available to non insiders too!
Will you be picking up a Surface Book or a Lumia 650?!

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