Microsoft Garage project, in which the company tests and releases several apps for iOS, Android and sometimes for Windows. Now a new app from Microsoft Garage team, Plumbago has been released for Windows 10 Desktop, if you are wondering Plumbago is a digital notebook with handwriting smoothing, realistic ink, and paper, and more.

Key features:

• Smooth handwriting — Adjust the smoothing level you want for beautiful handwriting. • Realistic ink and paper — Elegant color palettes, realistic inks, and useful papers.

•Add pictures — Trace, highlight, and annotate imported image files.

• Unlimited notebooks — Organize your ideas, notes, and writing in notebooks.

• Easy navigation — See all pages and easily navigate between pages in a notebook.

• Share pages or copy areas to the clipboard — Save a page as an image or copy specific areas to use in other apps, such as Word and OneNote.

Download Link