Microsoft Lumia 535

Last few days were exciting for all Microsoft and especially Lumia fans. Yesterday Microsoft launched long awaited Lumia 650 and we’ve already seen numerous reports about older devices getting Windows 10 Mobile in Africa, Middle East and Indonesia.

It is worth noting that our reports about Windows 10 Mobile roll out received mixed reactions as some journos accused us with misinformation and using click baits to gain more page views. Well, truth is, we don’t need to do that, as our readers base is growing constant. So just let’s get back on the topic.

Our faithful reader and tipster with excellent record @abubaker_2007 today indeed confirmed, that Lumia 535 is getting Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.63 in the Middle East. That being said, it is clear that roll out of Windows 10 Mobile has started. Although please keep in mind that roll out won’t happen overnight as Microsoft will be rolling new build gradually to selected devices in the selected areas. But you can be be sure that you’ll find all the news about this roll out here at Windows Latest.

So, if you live somewhere in the Middle East and have Lumia535, it is a good chance you’re already getting this update. Otherwise just keep pressing that button :)

Thanks again for a tip @abubaker_2007!

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