With Windows 10 Mobile its very easy to set the mp3 song as a ringtone. But still you can’t directly set mp3 song as a ringtone from the settings. We still need the Microsoft Ringtone Maker app.


We are putting simple steps that you can follow to set mp3 song as a ringtone. You can also watch the complete demo video on how to set mp3 as ringtone mentioned below too. There are couple of things you need to have that,

  • An mp3 file copied to internal/device storage on Music Directory as shown below,


  • Ringtone make app need to be installed. You can download it from here.


Half work done. Assuming you have copied the file to correct location, now lets open the Ringtone Maker app and see whether our copied song is showing up there or not,


Once you open the app click on ‘pick a song’ . It will show you the supported songs that you can use to set as a ringtone.


The song we just copied into the music directory is imported to songs section. Now all you need to do is to select the song, which usually comes to the top. Once we selected the song it will show you a player option to play the song and set the duration and length too.


Click on the save button and it will create a ringtone for you and optionally you can set it as a ringtone too. See the below image for more details,


If you selected from here “Make this my ringtone”, it will set this song as a ringtone. You can verify ans check now.

That’s all to set mp3 as a ringtone on windows 10 mobile. You can watch the complete demo on “how to set mp3 song as a ringtone in windows 10 mobile” below.

YouTube video

You can download Ringtone Maker app from bellow link,

Windows Phone Badge

Let us know are you able to set mp3 as a ringtone ?

Thanks for reading.