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Whilst we are still waiting for Microsoft to officially publicly announce their new mid range Lumia 650 device. A few hours ago @tfwboredom on Twitter has posted a partial list of carriers which will carriers which will stock this device, of course this may not be 100% accurate.


Last month the Lumia 650 was found on UK phone site mobile fun before before the page was pulled. MobileFun listed it as having 1 GB RAM, a Quad-core 1.1GHz and a 8MP main camera although as I said Microsoft have not officially publicly announced this handset yet so these specs may not be correct.

@tfwboredom also claimed that it will be available in white also called lite and black also called dark and that the Central Europe ones will come with 10586.11.

Will you consider getting a Lumia 650? Let us know your thoughts in the comment area.