Few days ago, my cousin asked me, “Why didn’t Windows 9 come?”.

I went through my memory pile and recalled all those articles I read about this trauma people faced when Microsoft announced Windows 10. Numerous articles were out and some of them too funny for Satya Nandella being superstitious. I recalled one article stating, ‘iOS 9 is about to come and Windows 9 would make it a tough fight for both tech giants.” Duh! They both play in different arenas and there is no point of clashing.

The other day, Gabe Aul and his team brought out build 14251(preview build for PC) and his blogpost stated that the jump from 11097 to 14251 is only and only because of some calculative numbers and that aroused in me, ‘Microsoft started to build Windows 9 and then the coders took it so further that they had to name it Windows 10. This made them bring Windows 8.1 with just a glimpse to future of Windows.’ Even though it is just a thought, I would rate it better than thoughts of “superstition” and “Clash of 9’s”.

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