Yesterday Tweeten beta, an Tweetdeck website wrapper app which aims to make Tweetdeck look more modern and more streamlined, released it’s 1st public beta. Today they have announced they are releasing┬ábeta version 1.1, this new version includes lots of bug fixes and is now compatible with some older versions of Windows.

Tweeten is indeed one of the best app to use Tweetdeck on Windows 10 Devices. The developers earlier revealed that the company has no plan to launch Tweeten on Windows 10 Mobile Devices. However, Microsoft’s unique projects might help the developers to port Win32 app to a universal app.

Tweeten will soon receive yet another major update and it will bring a lot of new features such as option to add emoji and many more. Are you a daily user of Tweeten? Which feature would you like to see in the next update, let is know your thoughts in the comments section below.